During a date with Lauren Burnham, Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. revealed that a live-in ex of his had once had a miscarriage and then left him, but in an exclusive interview with Life & Style, that woman – Cassie Harshman — tells her side of the story.

On the show, Arie claimed she cruelly told him the news over the phone, saying, “When you come home, I won’t be here.” But a lot of that story just isn’t true, says the woman who went through the painful experience with Arie.


“He was with me in the doctor’s office when we found out about the miscarriage,” Cassie, who got pregnant with then-boyfriend Arie’s baby seven years ago, exclusively tells Life & Style. “It didn’t happen at all the way he portrayed it. At all!”

In fact, Cassie insists they stayed together for a while after the painful early-stage loss. “The miscarriage was the beginning of the end,” she says, “but it was a long breakup.”

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While she now wishes Arie the best, Cassie was horrified that he brought up her heartbreak in front of millions of viewers on national TV. “It wasn’t his story to tell,” she confides to Life & Style. “It’s so disrespectful. It’s very painful to see one of the worst experiences of my life played out on TV.”

“That he would use this while cameras are rolling, with someone he barely knows, to garner sympathy, is just really sad,” she says. “I never even told my dad about the miscarriage. I have a lot of friends and family that didn’t know, and The Bachelor is how they’re finding out. It sucks.”

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