Do not mess with Bekah M., or Ashley Iaconetti will come for you! In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, The Bachelor alum weighed in on one of this season’s most controversial contenders. Bekah — who is currently competing for Arie Luyendyk Jr.‘s heart — has gained quite a bit of attention given the fact that she’s only 22 years old, whereas her potential suitor is 36.

When it comes to their age difference, Ashley — who is now hosting The Story Of Us on KineticContentTV — had an interesting opinion. “It’s a 14-year age gap, but think about how many successful 14-year age gap couples there are in the world. My aunt and uncle are 14 years apart and it barely phases me — but of course, when they got married, my aunt was like 33,” she explained. “I don’t think that’s a big deal when you’re in your 30s or your upper 20s. I think it’s because Bekah is 22 that makes it shocking and borderline gross to some people — but I don’t think a 14-year age gap is that out of left field. I think it’s because she’s 22, and 22 is so young for a 36-year-old.”

However, the Bachelor in Paradise alum has nothing but love for the California native. “I have such a girl crush on Bekah M. She’s the coolest, and she’s the only one that I’ve been going back and forth a little bit with — like on Instagram messenger. She’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” Ashley gushed.

“She’s so smart. She’s spicy and she speaks her mind. She’s so articulate. I really had a great time watching her. I think when people were talking about her possibly being The Bachelorette at age 22 or 23, at first I was like, ‘That’s so not fair to 29-year-olds like me!’ Those are the girls that need to have a parade of men coming after them. Bekah is going to have a parade of men following her for the rest of her 20s. She doesn’t need this show,” she continued. “Now, for the sake of entertainment, I think I’d really want to see Bekah as The Bachelorette — or, at least queen of Paradise. That being, of course, if she doesn’t win Arie’s heart.”

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