Balding Prince William Ironically Calls Kate Middleton's Hair a "Nightmare"

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We've always loved Kate Middleton's gorgeous brunette hair, but it turns out, not everyone's a fan!

Prince William, who we may remind you was once dubbed the "hairless heir" by the British media, recently joked that a trainee hairstylist should have a go at his wife's "nightmare" tresses.

On the left, windblown; on the right, perfection (Photo Credit: Getty Images (2))

Though he was kidding — we think — the Duke of Cambridge is typically on the receiving end of hair jokes! Kate even muttered one during their trip to Australia in April, telling an alpaca farmer that they should put the animal on the thinning prince's head. LOVE IT!

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Given the Duchess' hairstyle is one of the most sought-after in the world, we have no doubt it takes it's fair share of grooming — which equals a whole lot of waiting around time for Wills!