She’s apologizing for her actions. VH1 viewers were outraged while watching this week’s episode of Basketball Wives because, during a particularly heated argument between OG cast member Evelyn Lozada and newcomer CeCe Gutierrez, Evelyn uttered a racial slur at CeCe. During their fight, CeCe called Evelyn “Evil-lyn,” Evelyn clapped back and called CeCe a name that is usually used to describe an Asian woman who works at a nail salon. Since term had a negative racial connotation and was used towards a woman of Filipino descent, fans responded by starting a petition to get Evelyn kicked off of Basketball Wives — and now she is issuing an apology.

“In the heat of a verbal battle, things are sometimes said that are hurtful, untrue, and totally out of character,” Evelyn wrote in her statement. “It’s not cool — but regrettably, it happens. I understand why many are upset by my derogatory, stereotypical reference of another woman of color — and for that, I’m so sorry. To intentionally add to a pot of racial divisiveness is not reflective of my heart. I extended a heartfelt apology to my castmate CeCe Gutierrez a few weeks back, in which she graciously accepted. Moving forward…I have to do better!”

Evelyn acknowledged that it’s racially insensitive to insinuate that all Asian women work in nail salons, but fans are still upset with the fact that she used the term at all. “And this apology is not even genuine. It doesn’t feel genuine… It feels like [it’s] scripted!” one fan wrote in the comments, and another added, “You’re a grown woman making racist comments….like sis, don’t make it seem like you don’t know any better because YOU DO [sic]. This wasn’t a ‘mistake,’ you wanted to hurt her feelings and that’s why you said what you said.”

As of publication, more than three thousand viewers have signed the petition to have Evelyn removed from the show, which is more than halfway to its 5,000-signature goal.