Okay Bachelor Nation, we’re going to use your deep memory for a sec. Do you remember back around this time last year, when Dean Unglert became the third runner up on Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette, and he had literally every single woman ever waiting to woo him in Paradise? Well, it’s that time of year again, and there’s a new hottest date in Mexico, according to Becca Tilley

The former Bachelor fave sat down with Life & Style to talk about her new collab with DoorDash’s Project DASH (DoorDash Acts for Sustainability and Hunger), and she revealed who she thinks the “new Dean” will be this year. “I feel like, I kinda was thinking that Joe [Amabile] might be the one that all of the girls were into because he was kind of a mystery that everyone was talking about so I feel like he might be the one… or Colton, but he’s kind of locked in with the Tia thing, I dont know if any other girls would go there.”

But instead, the trailer for the new season makes it look like poor Grocery Store Joe is the one competing for a girl. In the clip, we can see Joe and his fellow contestant Leo nearly come to blows over Kendall Long from Arie’s season. However, Becca thinks it’s a no-brainer for who Kendall should pick between the two.

“I think Grocery Store Joe is so cute, and then watching him on Men Tell All, when he was all awkward and shy, I was like, this guy is CUTE! I know that first night [on Bachelorette] is so crazy and such a whirlwind but I’m like, how did Becca [Kufrin] overlook this guy? I mean I guess if he didnt really talk much, but I think he’s so cute, so I would go for Grocery Store Joe.”

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So what if Joe comes out of Paradise girlfriend-less? Would Becca shoot her shot? “My mom’s asked me to stay out of the Bachelor dating world!” she giggled. But that doesn’t necessarily 100 percent mean you’ll never see her on a Bachelor Nation show again. 

“I think the only one I would even talk about and consider would be Bachelorette  and even then it seems like a stretch. I love watching Bachelor in Paradise the most and I feel like it would ruin it if I went on there so I’m keeping that as a sacred Monday night ritual for me without having to be too involved.”

One thing she’s happy to be “too involved” with is DoorDash’s new philanthropic cause. This Saturday Aug. 4 from 1-3 p.m. Becca will be meeting fans at their “Feed Change” mural in Brooklyn. All fans need to do is bring a canned food item and psot a pic with the wall art! 

“I’m so excited to be working with DoorDash, it felt like an easy collab because I love food, and I love food delivery services. But for this weekend, I’m just hoping that people come out and contribute and participate in the mural selfie challenge, my whole reason for doing this is to do something more than I’ve been doing in other collabs, like giving back to people, so I hope people come out and support that.” All fans have to do is tag @DoorDash and use the hashtag #DeliveringGood in order to enter, and they could win $2,000 for themselves, and $2,000 for Feeding America. Keep inspiring us, girl!