Jennifer Lopez‘s famous posterior is just as spectacular as it looks in photos, according to her boyfriend Ben Affleck. His ex, Katie Cherry, tells In Touch that the actor-director called her tush “phenomenal,” even before reconnecting with J.LO.

Ben’s gushing description of Jen’s curvy behind came well before the April 2021 reunion with his former fiancée, after more than 18 years apart. The 49-year-old actor-director dated Katie in person for three months in 2019, after meeting on the exclusive dating app Raya in June of that year.

“When he and I were together, I asked him what was J.LO’s ass like. I had to ask him. She’s an icon. She’s awesome, and he said it’s ‘phenomenal,'” Katie explains about Ben’s feelings towards Jennifer’s legendary derriere.

 “He seemed very enthusiastic about it,” Katie adds. Now that Ben and Jennifer have been back together for eight months strong, he’s the lucky man who gets to caress her famed curves

At the time Ben and Katie were dating, J.LO was with fiancé Alex Rodriguez and hadn’t been connected romantically to Ben since they called off their September 2003 wedding and broke up the following January. Katie notes, “That’s literally the only time he spoke about her,” was when discussing his then-ex’s perfect posterior. 

Ben famously showed off his love of J.LO’s incredible behind to the entire world in her 2002 music video for “Jenny From the Block.” The pair lounged on a yacht, where the Argo star caressed her hot-pink bikini-clad butt, eventually pulling at one of the strings on the side of the bottoms.

Now that the pair have been reunited after so many years, Ben is enjoying his exclusive access to Jennifer’s pert posterior. He was photographed passionately caressing her backside during a July 2021 yachting trip to St. Tropez, France, to celebrate the Marry Me star’s 52nd birthday.

The scene was practically identical to the music video that came 19 years earlier, and fans went absolutely wild for the photos. The yacht, the bikini, Ben lovingly showing off PDA with Jennifer’s behind. It was as if time had never stopped! But for the couple, it was even more special the second time around.