The Ultimate 2020 Gift Guide for Holidays, Birthdays and Beyond

Let’s face it, in a perfect world, finding a great gift for your friend, coworker, parent, boss and beyond can be tricky … and that’s putting it mildly. Now, throw in a pandemic, and you’ve got yourself a whole new set of challenges. Thankfully, online shopping is still a thing. Problem is, with so many retailers on the internet, it’s hard to figure out which products are actually worth your while.

With that, we decided to put together the ultimate 2020 gift guide. Unlike other roundups, these presents aren’t limited to specific holidays — i.e. Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day. In fact, all of these items can be gifted to anyone at any time. (You can thank us later.) Scroll through the gallery below to see photos, links, pricing information and more.