Now that they’ve brought their twins home from the hospital, Beyoncé and JAY-Z are ready to settle into a new house — which is way over their budget!

According to a new report, the duo has made an offer on a $130 million home in Bel-Air, and it boasts some pretty stellar amenities (for $130 million, it better!) Get details about the mega-mansion in the video below:

The power couple has yet to release the names of their babies (or photos), but there have been rumors circulating that the pair named the newborns after themselves.

“The boy’s name is Shawn after his dad, and the girl’s name is Bea — after their parents,” a source told

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And five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy had a hand in picking the monikers. “Blue Ivy is relishing the role as a new big sister… and has even helped in the naming process of her new siblings,” an insider previously told Hollywood Life.

We can’t wait to catch a glimpse of the new additions!