If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Holden Matthews [Burkely Duffield] so far on Beyond, it’s that he’s a tough guy to help. He insists on dealing with his problems alone, often ineffectively, which can lead to some serious consequences (like destroying his dad’s entire warehouse.) But in an exclusive new sneak peek of the Feb. 8 episode from Life & Style, he finally lets his brother Luke [Jonathan Whitesell] in on his struggles, and we learn a bit more about what happened in the Realm, too! Watch the exclusive sneak peek in the video below!

In the last episode, Holden ended up back in the woods again despite literally tying himself to his bed. It seems like he’s starting to realize that he can’t fight his urges forever, and that the Realm is trying to tell him something. Perhaps that’s why Holden chooses to let Luke in on his secret and bring him out into the woods with him in the sneak peek.

The two boys can be seen wandering through the forest, following the compass that Holden got from Willa. He reveals to his brother that the compass used to just keep spinning, but ever since he got out of the Realm and destroyed the bridge, it’s been pointing toward something. Holden also admits that he thinks he broke something the last time he was there, and clearly has a bad feeling about it. The boys are clearly determined to find out what it is, and so are we! We’ll just have to tune in to Freeform at 8 p.m. on Thursday to see what happens!