On Monday, June 5, a one-hour special titled Bill Cosby: An American Scandal will air on Investigation Discovery. But before the program dives deep into the comedian’s downfall, which was brought on by more than 50 sexual assault allegations, former fans are curious about the 79-year-old’s family — particularly the daughter who recently defended him.

In April of this year, Evin Cosby, the youngest of The Cosby Show star’s four daughters, wrote a lengthy letter condemning the media’s treatment of her father after an accusation in October 2014 created a snowball effect, resulting in numerous civil lawsuits against the Emmy winner by alleged victims.

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“The public persecution of my dad, my kids’ grandfather, and the cruelty of the media and those who speak out branding my father a ‘rapist’ without ever knowing the truth and who shame our family and our friends for defending my dad, makes all of this so much worse for my family and my children,” she wrote.

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Bill attending a preliminary hearing in May 2016.

“When people are so quick to cast hate and make accusations of horrific violence against my dad, they are callous in their carelessness about the harm they are causing to others,” Evin continued. “Instead of going through the criminal justice system, these stories never got investigated and just got repeated. They have been accepted as the truth.”

Bill also spoke out just weeks before the start of his criminal trial for an alleged 2004 sexual assault of a Temple University employee, confirming to Black Press USA that he is now blind.

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ID’s special on the author will shine a light on his public transformation from America’s favorite dad to a sexual predator, and will feature an interview with one of his accusers, Shawn Brown. “I just remember waking up feeling like there were things done to me,” she says in a preview clip.

Bill Cosby: An American Scandal airs on Monday, June 5, at 9 p.m. EST.