Is Blac Chyna Throwing Shade at the Kardashian Family With Her Massive New Tattoo?


Will the bitterness ever end? The Kardashians may not love Blac Chyna, but they love her daughter with Rob Kardashian, Dream. Because of that, it seems like the family tries to keep things civil, but we're not so sure that Blac is taking the same approach, especially not if her massive new tattoo means what we think it means!

(Photo Credit: Instagram Stories)

Blac debuted a huge new tattoo of a snake jumping out from behind some beautiful flowers on her ribs on Dec. 28, the same day that TMZ reported she was angry the K-fam asked a judge to throw out her lawsuit claiming they sabotaged her E! show Rob & Chyna. The Kardashians said that the show was canceled after Blac took out a restraining order against Rob, which makes it her fault, not theirs, that the reality show is over. Blac allegedly feels like they're victim-shaming by blaming her.

The snake motif, of course, has become a famous part of the Kardashian story, especially Kim's, after she released the tape of Taylor Swift giving Kanye West permission to use a line about her in his song "Famous," which she had denied before the recording came out. Kim's Instagram was quickly flooded with snake emojis (and so was Taylor's), so it seems like Blac is using the symbol to take a permanent dig at her ex-boyfriend's family.

(Photo Credit: Snapchat)

However, she also got another new tattoo the same day — her own initials in red script drawn by tattoo artist Paul Nguyen. The "B.C." clearly stands for Blac Chyna, which could also stand to solidify her identity as an individual, versus Angela Kardashian, which she planned to go by after getting married to Rob. As we all know, the Kardashians weren't about to let her trademark that moniker.

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