This Is the Diet That Got Britney Spears Her Insane Body — And It’s Shockingly Doable!


Who thought Britney Spears would still be total #bodygoals at 35? The pop icon is constantly giving us fitness inspiration with her Instagram videos, but working out is only half the equation.

In addition to doing thousands of crunches to achieve those enviable abs, the “Slumber Party” singer keeps her tummy flat with healthy, balanced meals. But while some stars basically starve themselves to stay thin, Britney’s food regimen is surprisingly doable.

When she was preparing for her Las Vegas residency, trainer Tony Martinez spilled on her pre-performance diet. “I help her understand portion size and the difference between healthy and not healthy foods,” he explained. “I am just trying to up her protein level. She is doing so much with rehearsals and with me and she does not have a lot of time. We try to make sure that she has between 75-80 grams of protein a day.”

That said, around that time, a source told Now the mother of two had made some sacrifices. The insider reported she’d cut out Starbucks Frappuccinos, Cheetos, burgers, and fries. "She's banned bread virtually altogether. But it's all about moderation — if she does have a chocolate bar or a slice of pizza, she'll work harder at the gym,” the source continued.

The songstress herself spoke with Women's Health about her go-to foods, gushing about how much she loves “raw food” like sushi. She also detailed how she starts her busy mornings — with clean breakfasts like scrambled egg whites on whole wheat toast, or a protein shake with milk. Then, throughout the day, she indulges in Nut Thins and "any kind of fruit" to keep her fueled.

Still, everyone needs a cheat day now and then. So when it comes time for Brit to indulge, she told E! News she opts for "tacos, pizza, and ice cream. “I love sweets. I love Oreo Blasts — they're the best!” the Southern belle added.

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