All his ex’s live in … MTV’s new hit summer show Buckhead Shore is full of drama, and that doesn’t exclude a good old love triangle. Parker Lipman said “it was hard” spending the summer at his lake house with ex-girlfriend Katie Canham and current girlfriend Savannah Gabriel.

I mean, for me, it just was not an easy position to be in,” he told In Touch. “[Katie] is someone I dated and that I loved for the last four years,” he continued. 

“And then you bring Savannah into the mix who I’m dating, she’s my girlfriend. So then, I have two people that I care about under the same roof and I have to navigate — and play damage control the whole time.”

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Buckhead Shore

While the fast food chain family owner was faced with the women of his past and present, the ladies also felt awkward going into the show, knowing that they were going to be spending time together. Katie explained that going to the lake was a “different experience,” since she was so used to spending time with Parker there as a couple for years

“I just had to decide who am I gonna be upset with?” she reveals. “Like with the girl or him? And I’m like, it’s him. It’s not even her,” she continued while explaining that she and Savannah even bonded while filming the show. 

As for Savannah, she had high emotions going into a group setting where her boyfriend’s ex was included in. “Going into it, I was super nervous and hesitant, and then I think once I got there and saw Parker and saw Katie and there was alcohol involved, I definitely was more on the confrontational side,” she said. 

“It was very nerve-wracking for sure because I had a lot to say and didn’t know how to say it,” she continued. 

It’s easy to ask, why invite your ex and your current girlfriend on vacation together? However, Parker’s reasoning is quite simple. “I want us all to have a good time,” the Atlanta native said.  “So, I mean, I could have not invited either of y’all but I wanted like us all to get along.”

Buckhead Shore airs on MTV on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.