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Unlike chemistry class, learning about the compounds in cannabis is fun! After all, the more informed you are about cannabinoids, the better you’ll understand which products are right for you. 

Binoid, your No. 1 source for the newest cannabinoids, offers vape cartridges, disposables, gummies, tinctures and dabs in seven compounds you need to know about: Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, THC-O, HHC-O, THC-P and THC-V. 

So, why choose Binoid? Well, the Los Angeles-based company was founded in 2018 by wellness enthusiasts who believe that the power of hemp cannabinoids is integral to living a healthy lifestyle — mind and body! 

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Now … it’s time to learn more about them: 

What Is Delta 8 and Is It Right for You?

Binoid Delta 8

Delta 8 is a minor cannabinoid in the hemp plant, with around 1 percent of Delta 8 THC in each plant — and yes, it will get you high. However, the high can be described as a “body high.” 

Those who use Delta 8 describe it as relaxing, soothing and uplifting. It’s more of a mild high, eliminating negative side effects like paranoia and heart palpitations. 

Binoid offers Delta 8 in gummies, cartridges, cartridge bundles, a tincture and capsules. 

What Is Delta 9 and Is It Right for You? 

Binoid Delta 9

In contrast to Delta 8, Delta 9 packs a bit more of a punch.

Not only is Delta 9 the most popular and widely known cannabinoid, but it’s also one of the most potent and makes up the largest percentage of compounds in marijuana. 

Those who use Delta 9 report a strong mental and body experience by way of feeling chilled, relaxed, relieved and happy. Moreover, it has anxiolytic properties. 

Binoid offers Delta 9 in gummies. 

What is Delta 10 and Is It Right For You? 

Binoid Delta 10

Unlike other cannabinoids, Delta 10 still remains a bit of a mystery. The compound was newly discovered by California hemp farmers and while it does share characteristics with Delta 8 and Delta 9, Delta 10 has a totally unique molecular composition. 

Some of the more notable benefits of Delta 10 THC include pain relief, mild increase in both mood and energy, stress relief and mental euphoria. 

Binoid offers Delta 10 in a tincture and cartridges. 

What is THC-O and Is It Right For You? 


THC-O-acetate, known as the “psychedelic cannabinoid,” is a synthesized cannabinoid with a potency about three times as psychoactive as Delta 9. If you’re looking for “mild,” you may want to pass on THC-O. 

That said, there are a number of benefits including relaxation, a strong buzz, happiness, restfulness and immersiveness. Moreover, it’s great for happiness, smiling and having fun! 

Binoid offers THC-O in a tincture, capsules, cartridges, gummies and dabs.

What is HHC-O and Is It Right For You? 


HHC-O is an acetate version of hexahydrocannabinol. The “HHC” accounts for hexahydrocannabinol, a minor cannabinoid found in the seeds and pollen of the hemp plant. Whereas the  “-O” means that it’s been blended with acetic anhydride to boost its potency.

HHC-O is about 1.5 times more potent than Delta 9. 

In addition to relief and happiness, HHC-O benefits include relaxation and Anxiolytic properties.

Binoid offers HHC-O in cartridges. 

What is THC-P and Is It Right For You? 


THC-P, known as tetrahydrocannabiphorol, is 30 times — yes, 30 times — more potent than Delta 9. 

The most prominent characteristic of THC-P is its psychoactive nature. At this time, THC-P has not been described to have any extreme side effects. However, you may experience paranoia, anxiousness, sleepiness, fatigue, alertness and dry mouth, among other things. 

With that, it’s important to follow refer to Binoid’s dosage THC-P dosage chart: 

  • ​​Beginner THC-P dosing (low tolerance): 1 mg- 2 mg per use
  • Intermediate THC-P dosing (medium tolerance): 2 mg – 5 mg per use
  • Advanced THC-P dosing (high tolerance): 5 mg – 10 mg+ per use

Binoid offers THC-P in a tincture, cartridges and dabs.

What is THC-V and Is It Right For You? 

THC-V, known as tetrahydrocannabivarin, is an extremely minor cannabinoid similar to Delta 8 THC. There are currently no psychoactive effects tied to THC-V. Only high doses of THC-V can give you a clear-headed type of high. 

One study shows that THC-V may offer neuroprotective properties with other benefits such as increased mood, relaxation, appetite suppression and blood sugar regulation. 

Binoid offers THC-V in cartridges