Well, well, well … isn’t this a funny turn of events?

Despite winning at almost every single dance competition she enters (and blowing everyone away with her performances in Sia‘s music videos), Maddie Ziegler still wasn’t able to take home the surfboard for Choice Dancer at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards.

And it’s probably stinging just a little bit that the brunette beauty lost out to her former Dance Moms rival, Chloe Lukasiak.

dance moms

Chloe and Maddie on ‘Dance Moms.’

Chloe, who was often pitted against Maddie on the hit Lifetime show, looked beautiful as she took the stage and accepted her award. She made a point to thank all of the dance teachers she’s ever had, which would include the famous Abby Lee Miller, who treated the 14-year-old poorly throughout the show.

“To anyone who’s been told they can’t do it, shouldn’t do it, or isn’t good enough to do it, do it anyway and prove them wrong,” she said during her acceptance speech.

Both dancers have admitted that they’ve lost touch with one another since Chloe left the show in season 5.