To be honest, the greatest tragedy of Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette was when Connor Obrochta got sent home in Week 6 (the same week as Chris and Lincoln, who are both the literal worst). Thank goodness fans will get another chance to see more of Connor’s handsome face, because he’s joining that cast of Bachelor in Paradise! But his chiseled features aren’t the only reason he’ll be in high demand. Read on to see why Connor, 25, is a total catch. 

He’s ready to commit


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It feels like forever ago that Connor first stepped out of the limo on Becca’s season, so you may have forgotten how cure his arrival was. To refresh your memory, Connor was the guy who got down on one knee and said “I know you’ve been in this position before, but I want you to know I’m opening my heart to you and I’m ready to take his journey with you. So Becca, are you ready to do the damn thing?” Sadly, things didn’t work out, but he could still be the perfect devoted partner to someone else! 

He’s a dog lover

Who doesn’t love a guy who loves dogs? Connor has his own miniature pincher dachshund chihuahua named Jordy, and he’s pretty much obsessed with the precious little guy. Jordy is a rescue pooch, and Connor saved him from an abusive situation. Is anyone else crying?

He owns his own business 

Connor is the founder of CJO Fitness, his own fitness company. He has 12 years of  experience and is a certified personal trainer and small group fitness coach. So basically he can whip your butt into shape if you want him to, or just be an amazing gym partner. 

He’s family-oriented

Sadly we didn’t get to see Becca visit Connor’s hometown in St. Petersburg, FL, but he has an amazing family any girl would be lucky to be a part of. Recently, he gushed over his clan while celebrating his mom’s birthday, writing, “It’s a celebration ??…. Wonderful time with my amazing family and beautiful mom on her 63rd birthday!!!”

He was a pro baseball player

connor obrochta

(Credit: Connor Obrochta)

It felt like Colton Underwood and Clay Harbour got all of the pro-athlete attention this season, but Connor was actually a pro baseball player in the minor league Braves! We certainly can’t picture this cutie striking out in Paradise.

Did we mention he’s G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S?

Just look at the guy, jeez. 

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