She was so lucky. Abby Lee Miller reflected on her battle with cancer on Good Morning America on Wednesday, May 22, and said she was “10 minutes” from dying when doctors discovered she had Burkitt lymphoma in April 2018. After she underwent emergency back surgery, Abby, 52, revealed she “would have been dead” if the cancer hadn’t been found. “I was paralyzed from the neck down — no movement,” she said. “Because this cancer — this lymphoma — was choking my spinal cord.”

Abby noted that these days, “The biggest issue is my right knee … I have needed a knee replacement for about seven years now.” Abby also declared that she’s feeling “tough” despite the health challenge, and that “I firmly believe that all the world’s a stage and we are merely the players. So I think this was all destiny. It was supposed to happen this way and it did. And I’m just following the script.”

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During her GMA appearance, Abby also claimed that the guards in her prison facility threatened her during her recent jail stint. She said she was treated differently “by the staff, by the guards” while she was in prison. The Dance Moms star revealed that the guards allegedly said, “Where’s that dance lady? Where’s that TV star lady? We’re going to get her.”

The TV personality was indicted for fraud in October 2015 after allegedly creating a secret bank account to hide almost $1 million of income from her Lifetime series and other projects amid her Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, and eventually reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors to plead guilty to the charge of concealing bankruptcy assets plus one count of not reporting an international monetary transaction. She was given a 366-day prison sentence, which is when she said these threats allegedly took place.

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Abby added of the guards, “They come into your room they, they take your locker … they dump everything out of it. They take red soda pop and shake it up and spray it all over your clothes.” She confessed that she found the guard’s behavior “offensive” and “violent,” and alleged that on her first day in jail, a female prison guard started “trying to pull my eyelashes off, that were extensions … And she kicked my bed and she screamed at me.”

The Federal Bureau of Prisons wouldn’t comment specifically on Abby’s claims, citing inmate privacy, according to Good Morning America. The Bureau noted in a statement to the show that it “provides a safe, secure and humane environment for staff and inmates,” and that “if there are allegations of misconduct, they are taken seriously and, when appropriate, referred for proper investigation.” No matter what happened while she was in prison, we hope Abby’s health continues to improve now that she’s free.