David Beckham Embarrasses Son Brooklyn With Instagram Comment

Getty Images

Nice try, son!

When aspiring model Brooklyn Beckham took to Instagram to show off a new (vintage) outfit, dad David Beckham was quick to set the public straight on the 16-year-old's wardrobe.

"Rocking the old school Ralph Lauren," wrote Brooklyn alongside the black-and-white photo of his new sweater, but the embarrassing dad retorted with the perfect response.

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"That's my jumper," the 40-year-old soccer star quipped back with the British word for sweater, and fans were quick to notice his response in the comment section for Brooklyn's photo.

Embarrassing dad, indeed!

The two have famously documented their loving relationship on Instagram. Just one month ago, Brooklyn posted a photo of a wrestling session between the two, in which the Burberry model was handily beating his dad.

But it looks like Victoria Beckham's husband officially got the last laugh.