Um, WTF? From the second Jenna Cooper stepped on the beach on Bachelor in Paradise, Jordan Kimball seemed crazy about her. And though she took a little convincing, it really seemed like she was in love with him, too. As a matter of fact, the couple even got engaged at the end of the show. So imagine fans’ surprise on Sept. 11 when a new report surfaced that Jenna was faking the whole relationship! 

A man claiming to be Jenna’s real boyfriend before, during, and after Paradise reached out to Reality Steve to insist that Jenna is a “manipulator,” and that she was just using Jordan for fame. His evidence? A series of texts, allegedly from this past weekend, where Jenna says she “loves him,” “is excited to see him tonight,” that her relationship is “all for her business” and that she and Jordan “aren’t together for real.” There are also several sexually explicit texts. 

The “boyfriend” eventually decided she was using him as well and cut things off. She then texted him asking him “not to be mad at her or do anything crazy.” The worst part is when she says that she’s willing to “make up some story to make [Jordan] look bad if it’ll make you feel better.” Reality Steve claims to have verified that these texts came from Jenna via phone number.

It didn’t take long for fans to start weighing in. “Jordan for Bachelor! Show Jenna what she threw away!” said one fan. Another was particularly disappointed while watching Jordan’s proposal, saying it was tainted. 

Neither Jordan nor Jenna have spoken out about the rumors, but fans did note that while Jenna has been posting Instagrams with Jordan, he hasn’t exactly reciprocatred. So perhaps he was already aware that something was amiss.

One person who has spoken out is Bekah Martinez, who lived with Jenna while on The Bachelor last winter. “Everyone I’ve talked to from the BIP cast has said [Jordan]’s done nothing but gush about Jenna from Day 1,” she wrote on reddit. “I don’t think he could ever be anything other than totally upfront and honest. He’s too transparent. There’s no way he was in on a fake proposal scheme to further Jenna’s career or his own.” 

On the other hand, she’s not as sure about Jenna. She said the blonde bombshell has always been “nice, but strange and unpredictable.” “She always seemed to amp up the energy a TON when the cameras were around, but then again so did I,” she continued. “One thing she said that I can’t forget when we were all drunk in the hot tub one night: ‘every guy who I’ve b—n or slept with said it was the best they’ve ever had.’ I thought that was kind of a weird thing to say at the time, and now it just makes me believe the first round of texts even more.”

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