Keeping secrets? Many fans are convinced that former Counting On star Kendra Duggar (née Caldwell) gave birth to baby No. 4 with husband Joseph Duggar but kept the pregnancy under wraps. The family were spotted out to dinner recently and many are now speculating that they noticed a baby stroller next to Joe. So, did Kendra actually give birth to a fourth child? 

Keep reading to learn whether Kendra gave birth to baby No. 4! 

Why Fans Think Kendra Duggar Gave Birth to Baby No. 4

On June 16, 2022, a Reddit user shared a snapshot of Joseph sitting next to a black stroller at a restaurant with a group of others, whose faces were blurred out of the image. The fan’s photo also blocked out the infant’s face, but its green blanket was visible in the shot.

“That is Joe and Kendra’s baby,” one fan alleged, before claiming, “OP stated that she was dinning next to them and it was Joe, Kendra and their, now, four kids. JB was also there with the oldest M boys & J’Tyler [sic].”

Despite the insistence from several Reddit users, a few others doubted the rumors.

Did Kendra Duggar Hide a 4th Pregnancy With Husband Joseph? She Sparks Rumors in Photo
Courtesy Joseph and Kendra Duggar/Instagram

“The photo is so vague, and we can’t see Kendra, so I’m skeptical,” one person wrote.

However, a separate commenter responded to the dubious fan quickly explained how this child could be Kendra and Joseph’s.

“Given the context of that clearly being Joe, Kendra’s husband, the blonde child even with the face censored looking like Joe and Kendra’s very blonde kids, and Kendra looking heavily pregnant last time we saw her … whose baby would they have beside them [sic]?” the fan noted. “That’s very clearly Joe, who has his own family. Why would someone else’s infant be beside him?”

Kendra Duggar Has Sparked Pregnancy Rumors Before

Just three months prior, the former TLC personalities initially sparked pregnancy rumors after several photos of them were uploaded in a separate Reddit thread, posing with Joseph’s parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

“Alright y’all, do we think Kendra’s pregnant?” the poster wrote above the photos, which fans believed Kendra appeared to have a slight baby bump underneath her baby blue and white-striped dress.  

Kendra and Joseph Duggar Have Not Publicly Confirmed Baby No. 4

Despite the speculation, the couple have not publicly announced that they were expecting nor welcomed a fourth child. 

Nearly a year and a half beforehand, Kendra gave birth to baby No. 3, Brooklyn, in February 2021. 

The spouses also share son Garrett and daughter Addison. 

Kendra did not immediately respond to Life & Style‘s request for comment.