When WWE power couple Nikki Bella and John Cena called off their wedding, fans were left in shock. The seemingly perfect couple split out of the blue last month, which had people wondering — did Nikki Bella cheat on John Cena? Fortunately, neither were unfaithful, but there was a time when Nikki thought John was cheating on her.

In September 2017, John said he wanted to go to the gym without her, which made Nikki suspicious. She called her sister, Brie, and asked if she should do a drive-by to see if he was actually there. "My world is just collapsing before my eyes," Nikki said when Brie got in the car. When they drove by, his car wasn't there, so she confronted him when he got home. "You're such a hypocrite, this big believer in faith and trust, where is that now?" he said.

Turns out, he bought them a house! "I didn't go to the gym as you know," John began. Instead, he met up with a real estate agent. "I snuck in without you knowing. I decided I want to buy it… I got a phone call from a beautiful woman not too long ago saying how much she loved it," he said.

Previously, a source confirmed to Hollywood Life that the two were always monogamous. They "were invested in each other and were in love and neither of them strayed away from that at all," the source said. "There was no cheating between the two. It was just the commitment of marriage that was the elephant in the room. They both had different ideas of where and when they wanted to do it and if they wanted to do it at all. They never got on the same wavelength when it came to that, which was the catalyst to the relationship ending."

Just yesterday, however, John made an appearance on the Today show and professed his love for Nikki. He even revealed that he wants to have children with her in the future — something they were always divided on.

Since then, Nikki has responded. "Wow. Well, I'm speechless. That's crazy," the Total Divas star told Extra in regards to his confession about wanting kids. Even though their breakup sounds pretty staged to us, TBH, we're still rooting for them!