You can call Sonja Morgan a lot of things, but can you call her a cheater? Real Housewives of New York City co-star Dorinda Medley seemed to on the April 18 episode of the Bravo reality show as she argued with Sonja about whose life has been more troubled. But really, folks, did Sonja Morgan cheat on her husband, John Morgan, during their eight-year marriage?

If she did, it's not public knowledge. There hasn't been any talk of infidelity on Sonja's part. In 2011, when the New York Post asked her what precipitated her and John's 2006 divorce, Sonja only said, "You wouldn't believe the story … There were some people I shouldn't have trusted."

The Post also asked her about her self-professed affinity to Marie Antoinette, whom the interviewer noted was known to be promiscuous. Sonja replied, "She was known to be a flirt, and she used her powers in love — and that always excites me." (Interpret that as you will!)

During that interview, Sonja also revealed that John — an Olympic sailor, a businessman, and an heir to the J.P. Morgan fortune — proposed to her after their first date. "He was relentless," she recalled. "And when he asked me out on a dinner date, finally, after he sent me a letter and flowers and chocolates, I said, 'OK, let's go to dinner.' After the dinner, he proposed. He really loved me. He was perfect … He was a good husband, and he was a great lover. It was an excellent marriage."

That's not what Dorinda thinks, apparently. In that April 18 episode, Dorinda slammed Sonja for implying that Sonja breaking up with John is equitable to Dorinda losing Richard to liver failure in 2011 — and she even suggested Sonja was unfaithful.

"Oh, stop with this baloney! I buried a husband, OK?" Dorinda seethed. "Meanwhile, you got divorced how many years ago? … And we talk about Mr. Morgan like he was just having tea in your house! … Your husband left you, and my husband died. People were f–king around. So don't you dare compare your f–king marriage to me burying my husband. Because you were f–king around on the South of France!"

Perhaps Dorinda is right. Perhaps Sonja really did take a French lover during her and John's years of matrimony. We just wish Dorinda had brought the receipts to back up her claim!