There was honestly too much division in this world already, and then the great yanny/laurel debacle happened. On May 15, humans found their newest version of "the dress" or "the shoe," and it's a voice recording of a person saying… well… you be the judge. Watch the video above — do you hear "laurel" or "yanny?"

Very quickly, responses have become quite heated and celebrities have gotten involved. "Yanny, all people who hear Laurel are BLOCKED," tweeted Tom Segura. Emmy Rossum agreed, tweeting, "I hear #yanny so clearly… but if I listen closely I can hear a deep quiet ghost saying #laurel… so there… anyone else hear both?" Chrissy Teigen was on the other end of the spectrum. "It's so clearly laurel. I can't even figure out how one would hear yanny," she shared.

My personal journey involved hearing a high-pitched voice saying "yanny" clear as day at first. The more I listened, the more I could hear an L-sound after yanny. Finally, I could switch back and fourth between hearing the high voice and a deeper man's voice saying "laurel," depending on which tones I focused on. So why did I hear yanny first?

"Plenty of things could be influencing your interpretation of yanny/laurel, including your dialect and whether you listened to the recording over a speaker or headphones," explained linguist Rachel Gutman. "People have a tendency to try to match the sounds they hear onto real words that they’ve heard before, like laurel. But reading yanny first, since it appears on the left side of the poll, could have primed listeners to hear it over laurel." Oh, and as much as I want to be #TeamYanny, the actual word recorded is definitely laurel, because it's, you know, a real word.

Influencer Cloe Breena was the first to bring attention to the situation. She admitted that she got it off of reddit, and doesn't know who originally made it or why it was recorded. Hopefully someone comes forward with answers!