Fans of Revenge Body With Khloé Kardashian will be seeing a familiar face when the reality show returns.

Personal trainer Gunnar Peterson is officially back — and revealing to Life & Style exclusively what you can expect from Season 2 and how to achieve the same results at home thanks to the new online fitness platform GymGo.

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"It's funny because I don't see fitness as dramatic. You do it and you're done," he says of the weight loss reality show. "It's not scripted but people come to this show and they bring their own drama. It has pretty much everything you want."

Already in the midst of filming, Gunnar shares that viewers can once again expect drastic transformations despite what critics have to say about the contestants' motives to get in shape.

"Whatever it takes for you to make a positive change in your life, I'm cool with that," he adds. "Just like I tell the people I work with, the revenge you're seeking, that's all going to shapeshift just like your body does during this process. It's funny to see how as their confidence grows and their bodies shrink, it's really a lot less important why they got there."

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However, for those that missed the casting call or believe a personal trainer is out of their reach, Gunnar has the perfect solution. Gunnar has just been named the Chief Training Officer for GymGo—  a live, two-way online platform that allows you to work with a trainer at your convenience.

Allowing personal trainers and clients to connect wherever and whenever works best for them, Gunnar sees the platform as the future of fitness — and something he would recommend for even his toughest clients.

"I would definitely recommend it for Rob [Kardashian]," he says. "He's devoted dad guy now. He's in that chapter, so it's harder to get out. Anybody with kids, who's doing the hands-on parenting approach, understands that — it's the hardest thing. You know, 'when can I get my workout in?' and it comes down to nap time when you have a little one, or school drop-off, which he's still years away from. Instead of having to go somewhere, it's right there."

He continues, "I think that people often look at fitness through a blurry lens. They can't quite make out what it really is. GymGo is going to clear it up, it's going to bring it into focus. It's right at your fingertips. It puts fitness on your doorstep."

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