Back in December, we were shocked to hear of Alan Thicke’s tragic death at the age of 69. While the news came as a surprise to us, Hollywood Medium star Tyler Henry eerily warned the late actor of his imminent passing on a recent episode of the show. So, how exactly did Alan Thicke die?

While playing hockey with his youngest son Carter, the former Growing Pains star suffered from a “ruptured aorta” and a “stanford type A aortic dissection,” according to certificates obtained by E!.

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And in his reading with Tyler, which was recorded in August, four months prior to his death, there was a foreboding message from beyond about his health problems.

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“For the men in your family it’s really good to just take into consideration that blood pressure is going to be something that we really have to keep in mind,” Tyler said. “When it comes to like a family and a gene perspective, it’s possible that within your family there might be multiple men who end up at a later age dealing with blood pressure issues, but also deal with either a heart murmur or heart arrhythmia. But I feel like that I have to kind of go to heart and this kind of correlates with blood pressure.”

He told Alan of a family member that was coming through urging him to not be stubborn.

“There’s a man who was very stubborn who passed away and he acknowledges dying as a result of this heart problem,” Tyler said. “His message is, ‘Don’t be stubborn like I was.’ And the feeling is like this is a strong guy, he’s great, he’s lovely, but he was really frustrated at the fact that he neglected this because this is something that could have be treatable had we just known about it.”

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Even though Tyler warned Alan, the actor was hesitant to believe him.

“No history of heart disease in the family,” Alan said skeptically. “Well with the exception of my sister had a heart issue, had open heart surgery. Delighted that she’s fine now, but can’t get much more serious than that, just not a genetic line that we’ve known.”

It’s clear the message Tyler was trying to offer had some legitimacy, because just a few months later, it was a heart attack that brought him to his death.

Watch the clip below: