Wait, since when can you Instagram from prison? Fans are super confused on Nov. 17 after Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller posted a video of herself enthusiastically eating soup and salad when she’s supposed to be locked up for bankruptcy fraud. So what the heck is going on here? Is Abby Lee even still in jail?

The answer appears to be yes, though it’s definitely not the kind of jail you see in movies. Fans quickly noticed that the controversial dance teacher was able to wear all of her own clothes and jewelry, as well as blown-out hair and a full face of makeup. Welp, things like that are totally cool at the Victorville Federal Correctional Institution, where she currently resides. According to the facility’s handbook, personal items simply need to be approved. Things like makeup and snacks can be bought (and even special ordered) at the prison commissary, so Abby has it pretty good. However, she’s still stuck cleaning toilets and that’s not making her thrilled.

While prison meals include yummy things like hamburgers, salads, and tacos, we’re not surprised that Abby Lee would be excited to have one of her faves from outside the prison. However, the handbook states that “only food purchased by the visitor from the vending machines can be accepted by an inmate. Visitors are not allowed to give any other items to inmates. Inmates will not share food or beverages with visitors,” so it’s unclear how Abby Lee was able to have her special soup.

Abby Lee’s Instagram has been active throughout her sentence, seemingly with an assistant or friend running it while she’s gone. Most things posted are photos of the girls or throwback pics, but just four days before the video she posted a photo with the caption “feeling blessed. I heard this week that a lot of people call and ask if they can visit me. That’s so sweet of you I’d love to see everyone, unfortunately can’t. However I would love you all to write to me. Looking forward to hearing from you ❤️.”

Abby is supposed to serve a 366 day sentence, and first checked herself in in July. There’s a chance that she could leave the prison to stay in a halfway house after 10 months, but it’s unlikely that she’s already there. Instead, she’s probably in the visiting room with a friend or family member in the video.