He’s arrived! Former Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff and his wife, Isabel Sofia Rock, welcomed baby No. 1, son Mateo Tomás, to the world, and his name has the sweetest meaning.

Their first child was born at 12:40 a.m. on Thursday, December 4, per Isabel’s Instagram announcement.

“Truthfully, I just fell in love with the name Mateo many years ago. I always liked how it flows no matter who is pronouncing it. One day, I told Jacob I loved the name for a future son, and he said he loved it, too.,” Izzy explained via Instagram on December 14, adding that the moniker also “honors” Jacob’s father, Matthew Roloff, since it’s “the Spanish version of the name.”

She continued, “We looked it up and found out the name Mateo means, ‘God’s gift’ or ‘gift from God,’ which is incredibly fitting for our boy, who is a gift to so many in so many ways.”

As for the newborn’s middle name, Tomás, Isabel noted it is a “Chilean family name,” which their baby now shares with her cousin, father and late brother. The TLC star’s sibling, musician Tomas Garreton, died in 2012, according to The Sun.

“We thought it would be a beautiful way of honoring my brother and also my Chilean roots. We can’t wait to tell him all about his tio and the glorious life he lived,” Izzy concluded her post.

The new mom has been learning a lot during her first few weeks of motherhood and has stayed candid with fans about all the ups and downs.

“These past few weeks have shown me what true surrender and trust looks like,” she wrote on Friday, December 10. “I have never been more hands on my knees afraid and I have also never known a love so big. Seeing Jacob as a father is the most heartwarming thing I have ever witnessed. Being a mother is the most myself I have ever felt. Through all of this, I am just affirmed now more than ever that our angels are always looking out for us.”

In July, the pair announced they were growing their young family. The two shared a photo of the couple holding Isabel’s already growing baby bump on their Instagram accounts.

“Not for you but us,” Jacob, 24, shared on Instagram at the time. “I’m very happy to say we are having a son.”

“We are elated to share that the baby boy we have been dreaming of is coming this December,” the artist, 25, captioned the photo on her account.

The couple have been updating their followers about their first pregnancy, sharing baby bump photos as well as pictures from the baby shower that Jacob’s mother, Amy Roloff, threw for them. 

“Baby is so loved already,” Izzy wrote on Instagram after the shower. “Thank you all for being excited with us about our sweet new addition to the family.”

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Courtesy of Isabel Rock/Instagram

Jacob and Isabel started dating in 2014 and became engaged in December 2017 during a romantic trip to Iceland. In September 2019, they had an intimate, rustic farmhouse wedding at Jacob’s family’s farm. 

Although Isabel and Jacob have been sharing their pregnancy experience on social media, fans shouldn’t expect to see photos of their son anytime soon. Both parents believe in keeping images off of their public social media accounts. 

On September 12, the former LPBW star shared a maternity photo of his wife, writing that he “cannot wait to meet [his] son” and was looking forward “to the rest of [his] life” with his family.

He added in the comment section, “Thank you[,] thank you for friendly comments[,] however none of you (online) will ever ‘see’ my son. [It] is, specifically, not personal.”

After sharing photos from the baby shower on her Instagram on Thursday, September 30, the photographer also answered a follower’s question regarding baby photos.

“[Do] you think you’ll struggle keeping babes off social media?” the Instagram user asked. “[It’s so] hard to not want to show off our littles.”

“[No,] I don’t think so, because it’s something we’re super passionate about,” Isabel replied. “And who knows, maybe a few of those here and there but never his face. He deserves his privacy.”