What kind of game is Miley Cyrus trying to play here?

First, she’s growing out her armpit hair and dyeing it pink for all to see — and then it appears like she Photoshopped an Instagram pic to make it seem like she’s silky smooth? What gives, Cyrus? Aren’t you all about embracing yourself the way you are?

Sure, we can chalk it up to Miley just being Miley, but what’s the point? The 22-year-old singer took to the social media site to share a photo of herself handing out dolla dolla billz to the paparazzi (because she’s cool like that obvs) in NYC on May 13 with her hair-free armpit in clear view.

But in the actual photo, Miley’s got a hairy situation going on! See the comparison:

miley cyrus armpits
Getty Images, Instagram

The actual photo vs. Miley’s version.

And that’s not the only time the former Disney star has been experimenting with her hair. Just yesterday, Miley shared a photo of herself rocking a set of blonde extensions, and it kind of made us miss the longer locks on her!