He’s willing to learn from his (fashion) mistakes! James Charles took to Twitter following the 2019 MTV VMAs to have an open discussion about his look from the star-studded event. Apparently, a lot of people — both fans and trolls — took issue with his all-white ensemble complete with enough straps, latex, zippers and belts to make a dominatrix blush. 

“I’ve been trying hard to elevate my style and outfits,” the beauty guru, 20, began on Monday, August 26. “A lot of people say my ‘extra’ outfits are too Coachella (fair, TBH), but if I wear something more toned down, like a suit, I get dragged for being boring. Genuine question: What type of silhouette would you want to see me in?”

James Charles wearing an all-white outfit at the 2019 VMAs
Matt Baron/Shutterstock

James quickly followed up his inquiry with a disclaimer … ya know, because this isn’t his first rodeo. “I love my looks and I feel super beautiful and confident in them which is ALL that matters,” he assured. “But I would love to hear some honest, ***constructive*** feedback.”

To be clear, we think James looked dynamite. His makeup was flawless, his new platinum blonde hair is a moment and a half and the outfit, while different, fit him perfectly. However, a handful of his followers took him up on the offer and replied with some feedback.

“I wanna see more color, not just in your makeup looks, but the outfits as well,” one wrote. “You should try to do a plain suit with a statement heel, some strategically placed jewelry and a bomb eye look to top it all off,” added another. 

James Charles wearing an all-white outfit at the 2019 VMAs

Hmmm, we can’t lie, those were pretty good ideas! Perhaps James will take them into consideration during the next awards show. As it happens, though, the young mogul is all about dancing to the beat of his own drum … even if that means causing a ~sister scandal~.

Case in point: After James’ Twitter account was recently hacked and the culprit threatened to release his nudes, he decided to take a stand and release a nude himself! “Having your safety and accounts compromised is very, very scary and my nudes were being threatened to be leaked, and you know what? I love my body,” James explained to Life & Style on the VMAs red carpet.

“I’m proud of my body, and I thought, you know what? Let me take away the power, I’m all about body positivity so I might as well, why not. I reclaimed everything back.”

Say what you will about James’ fashion choices, but we certainly respect how he handled himself in that situation! Keep slaying, sister. 

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