This season of Bachelor in Paradise has it all: love triangles, hookups, drama, fights, and amazing dates. But it’s missing one thing: a blonde firecracker that’ll shake up everything! However, it won’t be that way for long, because Jenna Cooper will soon be joining the cast. If the season trailer is any indication, her arrival will be nothing short of explosive! Learn all about the beautiful bombshell below! 

We first met Jenna on The Bachelor.

In case you somehow forgot, Jenna first appeared on Arie Luyendyk Jr‘s season of The Bachelor. She got kicked off on Week 6, along with Krystal Nielsen and Chelsea Roy, who will also appear on this season of Paradise. When she was eliminated, she was super heartbroken, even saying that she thinks Arie is “amazing,” and it felt like her heart was ripped out. While her exit may have been overshadowed by Chelsea’s and Krystal’s, something tells us all eyes will be on her as soon as she enters Paradise

But she’s going to make waves on Bachelor in Paradise.

Jenna was not on the first episode of Paradise, but she got plenty of airtime in the season trailer. “Jenna could be the thing that ignites the feud between Jordan and David,” says one of the other contestants. Jordan Kimball and David Ravitz had a two-on-one with Becca Kufrin, and both were sent home by the end of the day, so they hate each other. 


(Credit: ABC)

That’s why fans knew drama was brewing when Jenna was seen laying between them while Jordan said “Jordans don’t sweat Daivds.” Later, she was spotted laying on David’s lap by the pool, and then chatting with him with a big stuffed animal between them. “I’ve got the keys to this place, you’re on a daybed sitting next to a girl that’s going home tonight,” says Jordan, before throwing the stuffed animal in the ocean in the next scene. “I’m pretty sure I’ve got a pair of testicles and the prettiest girl in Paradise around my arm.” And at the very end, it looks like she’s making out with Jordan in a hotel room! Wow, we literally can’t wait to see how that pans out.

But how long do we have to wait, exactly? Jenna did a Q&A with fans on premiere night, and one asked when she’ll finally pop up. “Erm, not 100 percent sure,” she wrote. “You’ll find out when I do. I have FOMO just watching them without me though!” She also let us in on the best part of Paradise: “besides all of the beautiful people? The food and drinks!” She also admitted that while she loved everyone on Paradise, Angela was her closest friend. 


(Credit: Instagram)

In the real world, she has a cool job.

Just like everyone else in Bachelor Nation, Jenna has a regular job, too. She describes herself as a “Marketing Manager… turned Bachelor contestant… turned Entrepreneurial Socialite.” She runs an elite social club for women called the Rose Gold Club which is all about empowering ladies. She also runs two social media accounts called Raleigh Queens and The Raleigh Review about life in Raleigh, NC. Talk about a boss lady! 

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