Party time! Jenna Ushkowitz and Laura Ashley Samuels put their friendship to the test in Hulu’s new comedy 1 Night in San Diego as BFFs Hannah and Brooklyn, respectively.

In the film, which started streaming on Monday, March 15, Glee alum Ushkowitz, 34, plays former reality TV star Hannah, while Samuels, 30, portrays her roommate, Brooklyn. After Brooklyn gets a message from her former flame Christian (Mark Lawson), she convinces Hannah to take a road trip to San Diego (from Los Angeles) to hang out with him at Comic Con.

“It’s our Romy and Michele: Tucson her we come moment!” Brooklyn enthusiastically tells Hannah in the film’s trailer, while trying to sell the trip.

After reluctantly agreeing to renting a car and heading south, the pals arrive in San Diego, but there are not Comic Con tickets to be had. Christian did not hold up his end of the deal, resulting in the friends having to go to plan B for the night: partying like there’s no tomorrow.

1 Night in San Diego

The trailer for the movie, which was written by Penelope Lawson, teases new friendships with Kelsey (Alexandra Daddario) and Delia (Kelsey Douglas), who are big fans of Hannah’s reality TV past. The squad of four the ladies hit the town and get themselves into trouble, causing mayhem in their personal lives at the same time.

“The fun ones always know how to find the party,” a wise Uber driver tells the L.A. girls after they’ve seemingly gotten on each other’s nerves during the night. “The responsible one knows how to get home.”

Throughout the “radical” evening, the best friends get into fights, push each other’s buttons and have to decide if their friendship can overcome the drama San Diego brought them.

The comedy also stars Eric NelsenAdam RoseAndrew Elvis MillerWinston A. MarshallBrian BorelloCameron BowenSamantha BaileyDonna Pieroni and more.

1 Night in San Diego is currently streaming on Hulu and also available on VOD on Apple and Amazon.