If Alex Rodriguez hasn’t figured it out already, dating Jennifer Lopez is no easy business.

An insider tells Life & Style exclusively that the former baseball player’s playboy past has already come back to haunt him in his new relationship. “He definitely follows her lead,” the insider shares. “Jennifer is aware of Alex’s past womanizing ways so she wants to make sure she’s in control. She has him on a very tight leash.”

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And that includes knowing his whereabouts at all times. The insider reveals that while J.Lo was taping a Today Show appearance on May 8, A-Rod “snapped a pic of himself watching the segment on television and sent it to Jennifer’s assistant.”

He also lets her assistant know when he’s finished working out. “Jennifer is wearing the pants in the relationship,” the insider adds.

Those closest to Jen are worried that the duo is moving too fast to begin with. “A-Rod and J.Lo have spent the past couple of months traveling the world on private jets and acting like life is one big vacation,” a different source told Life & Style. “Her pals are concerned that once they’re out of the honeymoon phase, A-Rod will revert to his bad behavior.”

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They’ve even made plans to move in together. “J.Lo asked Alex to live with her in her $28 million mansion in Bel Air, and he agreed,” a third insider previously shared. “The couple have barely spent a moment apart since they started dating and are ready to take things to the next level.”

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A plus? Their kids already get along great. “Initially she was concerned there would be a rivalry since the children are all so close in age and are used to being the center of their parents’ world,” the insider explained. “But as soon as the four kids met, it was like one big, happy family.”

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