Perhaps we were overwhelmed by the feeling of nostalgia that came along with the Jersey Shore Family Vacation premiere … or we were just in shock over the fact that Sammi’s new boyfriend looks exactly like Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. Either way, the Jersey Shore reboot kicked off on March 29 and aired a blatantly obvious continuity error and nobody seemed to notice. Watch the video above to see what happened!

jersey shore duck phone

So, what exactly happened here? Did they hire a duck phone fixer to piece the thing back together? Did they order a new duck phone off of Amazon and hope that the fans wouldn’t remember? Regardless, they’re pretending like nothing ever happened to that poor mallard and it’s not OK, Rahn.

To refresh your memory on why the duck phone was smashed to precious pieces in the series finale back in 2012, it’s because of Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino‘s ex, Paula Pickard. The brunette beauty made a cake for her on-again, off-again lover during Season 6, only to later reveal a photo of someone’s … er … private area sitting right on top of it. The prank was later cleverly referred to as “nut cake.” When Sitch called Paula to confront her, she pretended she couldn’t hear him on the phone — hence chucking the poor duckling across the room and smashing it to pieces.

For MTV to think we wouldn’t remember such a brilliant piece of television history is just plain rude. And still, so many questions go unanswered. #JusticeForOriginalDuckPhone.