It sounds like Jordan Kimball is sick of talking about ex Bachelor in Paradise fiancee Jenna Cooper‘s cheating scandal, because he’s “moved on.” On Oct. 3, the charismatic reality star took to social media to let fans know that he’s no longer fixating on his former flame’s alleged infidelity. 

Fans are still just super confused and unsatisfied by the whole scenario: texts surfaced seemingly from Jenna that made it look like she had another boyfriend and planned to dump Jordan and make him look bad. Jenna has been saying she has proof those texts were fake, but Jordan insists he hasn’t seen any evidence. Fans won’t stop asking for answers.


“Jenna said she told you the truth but you are saying she didn’t. I love you both, no hate, I’m just super confused and I know you are probably sick of talking about this, but what is the actual truth?” asked a desperate fan. “I know of no truth. Said with clarity,” said Jordan. When the commenter responded saying, “I’m just a fan who is trying to understand,” Jordan repiled: “I’ve moved on.” He also posted an Instagram story saying, “new life motto: be aware of the clapbacks, and feed the trolls just enough to where they can starve.”

It seems like Jenna is ready to move on as well. On Oct. 2, she shared her own plans to push forward. “Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be sharing my new journey with you!” she wrote. “I’ll be working on improving many aspects of my life… friends, fitness, health, spirituality, education, fashion/beauty/lifestyle, and just general wellness. Getting my back to the basics, and what really fuels my passion! Hope you’re ready for a more in depth look into my life, more tips and tricks, and just more positivity!”

Until now, Jenna has been focused on trying to prove her innocence… something that apparently hasn’t worked on Jordan. One day after she said she had evidence the texts were fake and planned to share it with Jordan, she unfollowed him and deleted their photos together. Since then, he has shaded her a few times and insisted he hasn’t seen anything that proves she was faithful. Hopefully they can both just move forward and live their best lives!

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