You tell ’em, Biebs! It looks like Justin Bieber‘s seemingly overnight engagement to Hailey Baldwin has turned him into quite the grown-up. The “Sorry” singer, who has been known to explode on the paparazzi, recently showcased a whole new side of himself. 

On July 20, Justin was approached by a reporter who asked a series of invasive questions, most notably: “Is Hailey pregnant right now? You stated that you guys are family, so everybody was thinking she might be pregnant.” Instead of going off on the reporter, Justin remained calm, cool, and collected. He even offered some words of wisdom to the man. 

“What’s your deal bro?” the 24-year-old began. “You just seem, too, like, you just seem too normal to be doing this job. I think so… I just don’t understand why you gotta try to get a rise, you know what I’m saying?” Justin continued. Before the cameraman could get a word in edgewise, Justin cut him off. “No, you know what you’re doing,” he added. By the end of the cringeworthy interview, the reporter offered a weak apology and Justin hit him back with an “all good” before walking away. Check out the video below to see the full exchange. 

Now, while we are super proud of Justin for being the bigger man, we can’t ignore the fact that he didn’t actually deny the pregnancy rumors. Seeing as he and Hailey are so quick to walk down the aisle, it could be a shotgun wedding situation, but we digress. What we do know is that their wedding is going to be spectacular.  

“The wedding will most likely be in the fall,” a source told In Touch. “And this will be a blowout event.” Naturally, the beaming bride-to-be already has a few ideas up her sleeve. “She knows what she wants — an all-white, designer dress, bridesmaids, white doves… the whole thing,” the source continued. “Justin, of course, will make sure all of her dreams come true.” How sweet! Here’s hoping these two lovebirds can continue their planning in peace.