Botox Could Be the Key to Kate Middleton's Ageless Complexion, According to Experts

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It's no secret that many women in Hollywood turn to Botox to help maintain their youthful looks — but does Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton do the same? Though we'll likely never know for 100 percent sure if the mom-of-two has chosen to get injections to keep herself looking fresh-faced, two plastic surgeons opened up to Closer Weekly about Kate's stunning look.

"It looks like she may have [gotten Botox injections] in the forehead area," board certified facial plastic surgeon and renowned facial feminization surgeon Dr. Vartan Mardirossian told us. "[In recent photos], her right eyebrow is slightly lower than the left one... [and] the medial portions of the eyebrows are more relaxed and slightly lower than [in older pics]. [This is] something that may happen when Botox is injected to treat frown lines, and as a side effect, it diffuses to the frontalis muscle that lies underneath that causes the eyebrows to temporarily shift slightly downwards."

Kate in 2006 (left) and 2017 (right). (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Interestingly, Dr. Mardirossian noted that if Kate has gotten Botox, her doctor has "overall done a good job" at keeping the Duchess' face looking as natural as possible. That makes total sense — of course Kate would have the best plastic surgeons and skincare experts at her disposal! Another expert, board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Miller, agreed with Dr. Mardirossian's sentiments and similarly said that Prince William's wife "might" have gotten Botox.

"While her forehead looks smooth like she might have received Botox, [it is hard to be sure]. Some people have naturally smooth skin, but if she tries to raise her eyebrows or frown and nothing happens, then you know she had undergone the treatment," Dr. Miller added. While we don't really know if Kate has undergone any plastic surgery procedures, we do know that the royal uses chocolate (yes, seriously!) and a $22 face oil to keep herself looking flawless!

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