How authentic is Keeping Up With the Kardashians? According to a new book about the famous fam, not at all!

In Kardashian Dynasty: The Controversial Rise of America’s Royal Family, written by Ian Halperin, it’s revealed that each episode of the long-running reality show is planned out ahead of time.

keeping up with the kardashians getty images

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian filming an episode in 2012.

“There is a rough outline of the premise produced in advance — including a ‘main plot and subplot’ — with ideas sometimes contributed by Kris Jenner, sometimes by other family members, and other times by the producers,” Halperin writes in an excerpt obtained exclusively by Life & Style.

“Then the cameras are turned on, the family performs, some scenes are reshot, and hours of footage are condensed in the editing room to produce each show.”

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Since Season 1, there have been countless examples of the clan faking confrontations or conversations, which was discussed extensively during Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries‘ divorce proceedings.

In a 165-page deposition obtained by Life & Style, executive producer Russell Jay admitted that at least two of the scenes portraying Kris in a negative light were “scripted, reshot or edited.”

kim kardashian kris humphries getty images

Kim and Kris Humphries in 2011.

And though Kim claims to have been surprised by his proposal, Jay acknowledged that the 35-year-old knew her basketball player beau was going to pop the question on camera.

But one of the book’s biggest revelations has to be Kim’s use of a “tear stick” in order to cry on camera. So much for being the queen of meltdowns!

Kardashian Dynasty: The Controversial Rise of America’s Royal Family will be available for purchase on April 19.