When will these Kar-Jenners learn?! On May 30, Kendall Jenner was spotted enjoying a lunch date at the Beverly Hills Hotel with Philadelphia 76er, Ben Simmons. Cute, right? Eh, not so much. As it turns out, the model may have broken up Ben’s longtime relationship with singer Tinashe. Hmm, do these cheating rumors sound familiar? Hint: Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson.

“Kendall knew damn well that Ben and Tinashe were together and she told her sisters that she doesn’t care because she will always get what she wants," a source close to the 22-year-old told Radar Online.


You’d think Kendall would be smart enough to not involve herself with an NBA player who’s already in a relationship, but that seems to be the family way! However, Khloé appears to be siding with Tinashe on this one. “Khloé is so angry at Kendall because she did the same thing that Tristan’s mistress did,” a source explained to Radar. “And right after he cheated, Kendall was the first one to come to Cleveland and gave Tristan so much s–t for cheating.”

Let’s rewind for a second, though. Didn’t Khloé start dating Tristan before he ended things with his first baby mama, Jordan Craig? Hm, that’s some tea, alright.

Making matters worse, Tinashe’s brother got wind of Ben’s affair with Kendall and went off on Twitter. “Never met you before in my life. Days after u break my sis heart u do this… ppl all lied on [SIC] her talking fake news about my sis doing Kardashian s–t [then] u cheat on her w a Jenner,” he wrote. Later, he apologized “for blowing up Twitter,” continuing that “it was actually the only way to defend my sister against all this bulls–t.”

Yikes, this thing is messy. Fortunately, Tinashe’s fans have rallied to support her. “This is what happens when ur friends with the Kardashians, they always stealing someone's man. Not happy at all about this. I pray you find someone a thousand times better looking inside and out,” one user commented. Good luck, Tinashe!