On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, a fan favorite from Rachel Lindsay‘s season of The Bachelorette will be making a surprise appearance. The girls will join Arie Luyndeyk Jr. for the “GLOB” wrestling date, so it only seemed fitting that Kenny “Pretty Boy Pitbull” King returns to the ring to give the contestants some tips.

And oh, he will also go up against Arie aka [The Kissing Bandit]( during the date. We have a feeling he’s going to go easy on the former race car driver — unlike Adam Gottshalck, who got a bloody eye after facing Kenny during a Viking duel in Copenhagen. So what has Kenny, 36, been up to since not finding love on the reality dating competition?

arie luyendyk jr. kenny king getty

Kenny is single.

The father-of-one is unfortunately still looking for love outside the wrestling ring. Kenny’s social media shows no signs of a new relationship since Rachel sent him packing last year. However, he does know what he is looking for in a woman. “She gotta be your homie and your queen,” read a quote he shared on Instagram. Where do we sign up?!

But his daughter is still his No. 1 girl!

Kenny recently celebrated his daughter Makenzi 11th birthday — and took the time to gush about the beautiful pre-teen. “Happy birthday to my whole heart. I can’t believe you’re already 11. This marks the first birthday that I’ve ever had to work and been away, but we will party it up soon,” he wrote. In another post, the pro-wrestler jokingly added, “She is responsible for the lone grey hair in my beard.” We love this father-daughter duo!

He also still keeps in touch with his Bachelorette brothers!

While Kenny is busy bodyslamming wrestlers in the ring, he does take the time to stay in touch with contestants from his season, including Dean Unglert and Matt Munson. “My new fam,” he captioned a photo with #TheRoseboys. We’re sure he’ll be adding Arie to that group now.

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