Another day, another celebrity mama forced to defend herself on the Internet. Sigh. On July 29, Khloé Kardashian took to social media to address the onslaught of mommy shamers giving her a hard time for leaving baby True Thompson at home while she attended a charity event. 

“Who’s watching her baby?” one user commented on a video of the KUWTK star. Instead of losing her temper, which, TBH, she had every right to do, the 34-year-old served up a big ol’ heaping plate of logic. 

“Mommy shamers [are] at a high right now,” the Good American mogul began. “I’m sick, at a charity event, and I’m getting slack [for] being here [because] I have a baby? Her dad is watching her while I’m trying [to] bring awareness [to] an amazing organization,” Khloé continued. “But either way, what’s wrong [with] a new mom letting daddy take over [for] a few hours?” Mic drop!

Khloé made a very valid point with her message. After all, she’s been a victim of constant mommy shaming since her daughter was born back in April. Yet, Khloé’s baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, who is an alleged cheater, has seemingly received very little (if any) criticism as a father.  

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Fortunately, there were a handful of supporters rallying around Khloé. “Women just cannot win! [They’re] shamed for not wanting kids, shamed for having them and going back to work, [and] shamed for having them and staying home!” one fan commented in Koko’s defense. 

“I think that one of the most important things a new mom can do is ensure that she maintains her own separate identity. Being a mom is a huge bonus, but it’s not the core of who you are as a person. Keep doing you. F–k everyone else,” wrote another. 

At the end of the day, Khloé’s baby is happy and healthy and that’s all that matters! Here’s hoping that the newly-minted mother gets a day of peace before she’s off battling the next round of mommy shamers… or maybe people can start minding their own business — just an idea. Wink-wink. 

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