People just can’t stop talking about KarJenner lips! Recently, Kylie Jenner had the filler taken out of hers which made them suddenly a lot smaller, but fans think the opposite is happening to Khloé Kardashian. When one fan called her out for her juicier pout, she clapped back and blamed it on her recent pregnancy.

“I think you are so beautiful, but your lips keep getting bigger and bigger. They are so huge now!” said a fan in the comments of Khloé’s newest Instagram photo. Her surprising response said, “Honestly I have no idea. They got bigger during my pregnancy but I’m still waiting for them to go down. Same with my nose. I wonder how long it takes for everything to go back to before.”

khloe kardashian comment

If they’re anything like the rest of her body, it’ll take hardly any time at all! She just gave birth three months ago, and she already has her abs back and is looking snatched! While she’s been eating healthy and busting her butt in the gym, unfortunately there is no workout that makes your nose and lips smaller — she’ll just have to wait that one out.

Her face isn’t the only thing fans questioned after Koko gave birth. They also couldn’t stop talking about her huge booty, which seemingly got bigger after having her baby True. “Khloé Kardashian’s butt looks so unnatural that it’s painful,” said a hater on one of her first post-baby photos. That’s the problem with having a lot of fans who are young or are men — they don’t understand all the ways a woman’s body changes when she’s pregnant! Keep doing you, Khlo, you look gorgeous!