She’s got that pregnancy glow! Mama-to-be Khloé Kardashian is absolutely loving being pregnant. She has been open about her struggles on the journey to motherhood, so it makes sense that she would want to keep her pregnancy a secret during the early stages. But last month, she finally announced that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson and now she’s opening up and letting fans in by sharing all of the details about her first pregnancy.

KoKo took to Twitter on Saturday, Jan. 27 to reveal a very big, exciting milestone — her unborn baby is already kicking in the womb! “Kick kick kick,” she wrote with a baby face and a kiss mark emoji, and added, “Exciting.”

Fans feel like they have have been on this with Khlo from the very beginning since they followed her life so closely via her family’s hit reality TV series Keeping Up With the Kardashians and her short-lived spin-off Khloé & Lamar. Khloé documented her infertility struggle as she tried to conceive a child with her ex-husband, former NBA star Lamar Odom, but she later admitted that she lied about having issues with her fertility treatments. “I knew the circumstances weren’t the healthiest,” she admitted on KUWTK. “So I just kept pretending I was doing it.”

But now, Khloé has found love again with Cleveland Cavalier Tristan Thompson and the couple is expecting their first child together after more than a year of dating. And it looks like they’re going to be parents very soon — Khloé also revealed on Twitter that she is just days away from being seven months pregnant.

So far, Khloé has been enjoying every moment of her pregnancy — from the cravings to having more noticeable cellulite on her legs due to the changes her body is going through. But there’s one thing that she says is the “hardest” part of being pregnant — picking out a name for her baby. “No names that I love yet,” she tweeted. “I think this is the hardest part LOL.”