Ugh. Kim Kardashian just shared the sweetest throwback photo of baby North West, but now fans are accusing the reality star of “favoritism.” The 37-year-old took to Instagram on Monday, Aug. 9 to post the adorable snap and captioned it, “My baby North, you were so small here! You will always be my baby.” Precious! Unfortunately, trolls were quick to point out something suspicious. 

“Can’t deal with her favoritism,” one person commented. “Why was I thinking the same lol it’s always the firstborns!” another agreed. A third and fourth chimed in, “You have two other babies also” and “What about Chicago?” 

However, there was one commenter who was particularly heated. “I can’t believe it. Her youngest child is currently like this, yet she decides to post North as ‘you will always be my baby.'” They continued, “Girl, you know Chicago is gonna grow up and see that. Instead of posting her when she is this ‘small,’ you decide to post a throwback picture of North. If you knew you weren’t gonna love her as much as the ones you gave birth to, why would you have Chicago?” Jeez.

For some reason, people think Kimmy needs to be with all three children at all times and can only take group shots. Still, there were others who came to the KKW Beauty mogul’s defense. “WTF are you saying?” someone responded to the troll above. “Because she got another kid, she ain’t gonna post throwbacks of the other ones? Don’t you see when she posts Chicago’s pictures?” A second said, “That was her first child! And she’s realizing how much she’s grown. You’re so ignorant.” Another added, “Yeah, she has two other babies — what’s your point? She posted a picture with them last week.”

Kim did, in fact, post a sweet snap of an “inseparable” Saint and Chi last week, and it was freaking adorable. In other words, back off haters! 

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