Just because she's Kim Kardashian, doesn't mean her kids get along perfectly — it's actually quite the opposite! The 37-year-old mom of three made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and shared some pretty big family secrets.

Ellen asked if four-year-old North was a "good big sister" to the family's new addition, three-month-old Chicago, and wondered if she was sharing things better than she did with two-year-old Saint when he was born. "She's better than she was with Saint," Kim said. "I mean, there was a shocking moment yesterday. [North] literally had a can of popcorn and was like, 'Saint, do you want some?' And I was like, 'WHAT?!'"

But that was a rare occasion in the reality star's world. "You don't understand, she does not share with Saint, she does not hardly talk to Saint," Kim revealed on Ellen. "So that was such a big moment in my household yesterday."

Saint, on the other hand, doesn't have North's diva personality. "He's nicer than North, I will say that," Kim added later during the interview. "He loves his little sister, he's so sweet with her. I always have to watch out for him — he smothers her and he has this really big hair, and he jumps in her crib. Usually, his big hair is all over her face and I get worried."

But it's all out of love! On March 31, Kim shared a photo of Saint giving Chicago a sweet kiss and captioned the shot, "He loves her so much."

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He loves her so much

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And while North might have taken a bit longer to warm up to her younger siblings, it seems like she's coming around. After all, she was the first baby of the family, so learning how to share the attention proved to be pretty difficult for the youngster!