Kourtney Kardashian has always been a laid-back “cool mom” when it comes to her three kids. But her daughter Penelope Disick‘s very grown-up new beauty habit has the reality star getting glam-slammed, as the 9-year-old is rocking long, acrylic nails.

Penelope debuted the light brown painted acrylics in a Wednesday, December 1, TikTok video in the account she shares with Kourtney. She was seen opening a pink can of United soda, with her long nails visible as she poured the contents into an ice-filled mug. The color of her acrylics matched the camel-colored sweater she was wearing.

The nails were noticeable again, as Penelope clasped the mug and took a sip, later giving a thumbs up. The video was Kourtney approved, as she was seen at the end taking a swig out of the soda can.

Penelope Disick Acrylic Nails
Courtesy of TikTok

Fans immediately noticed Penelope’s very adult manicure. “WAIT … does she have tips on!?! At that age I was lucky enough to wear eyeshadow,” one person commented, while another added, “P you’re too young to be fixing nails.

“Wow, kids this age put on nails in the USA … wow,” one fan noted, while another told her, “P you’re too young to be fixing nails.” While off on Penelope’s age, a user commented, “She’s like 6 and she has nails!” as one woman wrote, “The nails are cute but damn it makes her seem way older with a set on like that.”

Penelope Disick Acrylic Nails
Courtesy of TikTok

Many fans were envious of Penelope’s perfect nails at her tender young age. “She has better nails than me,” one woman lamented, while another commented, “P’s acrylics are better than mine.” One woman asked, “How does P have her nails done and not me … gonna die,” with crying face emoji.

Other fans loved Penelope’s grown-up acrylics. “Her nails are so cute, I would have died for that at her age lol,” one fan commented, while a mother added, “My daughter would love it when I took her to the salon and let her get her nails done along with her hair. That’s being a good mom,” praising Kourtney.

A rep for Kourtney did not immediately respond to Life & Style‘s request for comment regarding fan reactions to the acrylic nails.

Penelope is relishing her new role as a TikTok star ever since her account was reinstated. She had been using a secret one that was disabled for violating “community guidelines” when it was outed by fans. Kourtney’s now part of P’s account, which goes by the handle @pandkourt. It’s noted in the bio, “Account managed by an adult,” as users must be 13 or older to have their own accounts.

While P’s secret account only had 61,000 followers, her new one is at 2.3 million and growing. At her young age, Penelope seems to be a budding beauty influencer, already doing posts about using a hot wax warmer and scalp detoxer products.