We’ve long wondered if there was a secret club where the Kardashian exes met to discuss their gossip about the famous sisters. And while this doesn’t exactly count as proof it’s pretty damn close! Kris Humphries and Scott Disick were just spotted partying at the Las Vegas club, Marquee, at the same time. And if you thought Scott was going to take a break from his partying lifestyle after being placed on an involuntary 5150 psychiatric hold, think again.

According to Page Six, Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband did not interact with Scott. But, who knows? Maybe the source just missed their convo. And we can only imagine what that catch-up would sound like. “Hey, dude! Welcome to the Kardashian women are the worst club.” Thanks! Happy to be here.” LOL, so many possibilities.

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But, of course, Kim’s relationship with Kris was rather short lived. The couple was only married for a mere 72 days before Kim filed for divorce from the athlete. Most people just chalk up to one big publicity stunt for ratings. Their wedding special drew 4.4 million viewers the first night and 4 million the second (not too shabby). And if you ask us, we wouldn’t put it past the reality star. Then there was Scott’s years long on-again, off-again relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, who he shares three children with. And judging by both of their latest flings, it doesn’t look like they’re planning on rekindling their romance anytime soon.

So, where does that leave Kris and Scott? Apparently in nightclubs. Who knows? Maybe this is a usual occurrence and we’re only noticing now. Maybe, Lamar Odom also frequents these hang-outs and Tyga shows up at the after-party spot? Either way, we’re going to be laughing about this for awhile.