Momagers have feelings too, you know!

Kris Jenner opened up in a new interview about the mean things fans have said about her on social media over the course of her career. Though she does her best to brush off the comments, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch, 61, admitted that words can hurt.

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"I'm a lot softer than you would imagine. It stings sometimes when somebody says, 'You're so fat,' or 'You're too old to be on social media,' or 'You look awful in that outfit' — like, such silly, stupid things,” Kris told The Hollywood Reporter’s “Awards Chatter” podcast on Monday, June 26. “You’re going, 'Really?' I'll call up [my daughter] Kim [Kardashian] and go, 'Do I look that bad in that picture? Do I look fat?’”

Most recently, the reality star drew the ire of Instagram users after she posted a skin-baring snapshot on June 22. In the pic, a sports bra-clad Kris appeared to be digitally edited given her super smooth skin plus the obvious warping in the background.

While critiques on her appearance are certainly cutting, the TV personality— who manages the careers of her six kids — told THR that she finds it most painful when people attack the relationship she has with her children.

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“But I think the most hurtful thing is when people will say, 'Oh, you're just managing your kids — you're getting money from your children' or your family or whatever. I'm thinking, 'Well, hell yeah!’” Kris continued. “I mean, I'm trying to create a business here, and nobody has their best interest like I do.”

She added, “We all love working together and we love our situation. Why don't you go worry about your own situation and go get a job yourself?”