‘Bachelor’ Beauty Krystal Nielson Appears to Be an Early Villain in the Race for Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s Heart


She may not have a live-in nanny or a passion for “cheese pasta,” but it appears that Bachelor Season 22 contestant Krystal Nielson is following in the footsteps of former contestant Corinne Olympios. As fans are well aware, Corinne’s wild antics made her a polarizing presence on Nick Viall’s season of the hit dating series — and it looks like Krystal is already stealing the show (and time from other contestants!) as she competes for Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s heart.

On the second episode of this season of The Bachelor, the 29-year-old rubs fellow contestants the wrong way when she refuses to spill any details about her one-on-one date with Arie, and then steals him away TWICE at the cocktail party, even though she already had a rose, leading to a fight with Bibiana.

In the season trailer, she can be seen confesses that she is falling hard for 36-year-old Arie, but continues to butt heads with other girls in the house — particularly Rebekah "Bekah" Martinez. “I don’t care what other people think,” Krystal declares before she starts feuding with Bekah. “People don’t wanna be around you, Krystal, because you’re not being real about the real things that you’re feeling,” Bekah says, to which Krystal fires back: “And what? And open up and just be attacked?!”

Apparently, things don't get any better over the course of the season, because when Bekah and Sienne ran into a fan at Los Angeles bar No Vacancy, they admitted that the only person they hated in the house was Krystal. "She got along with everyone except Krystal," said the redditor of their convo. "And nobody in the house got along with Krystal. All signs point to bad."

TBH, we can’t wait to see if Krystal is able to embody Corinne’s bad girl vibe as The Bachelor plays out on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. EST. Until then, keep scrolling to learn more about Krystal. (Also, if you're looking for spoilers — or if you’re curious about who Arie picks — we’ve got you covered.)

Krystal is a fitness coach.

The Montana native (who currently lives in San Diego, CA) has dedicated her life to physical wellness — and she loves every minute of it. In her Bachelor bio, Krystal says her “greatest achievement to date” is “finding my purpose as a health and fitness coach. I LOVE what I do for work.”

Krystal defies the law of gravity.

Krystal frequently takes to Instagram to show off her athleticism — especially her yoga skills. In December 2015, she posed upside down in front of her Christmas tree. “What's harder than flipping upside down with your body weight on your head?” she wrote at the time. “Drinking tequila then flipping upside down on your head.”

Krystal is a dog lover.

Krystal’s adorable pack of pooches are the true stars of her Instagram page. On June 12, she posed for a sweet snap with one of her dogs and opened up about the joy in taking care of her canine companions. “Stop. Take a moment to enjoy the little things in life,” she wrote. “Like puppies and sunshine. Now breathe in the gratitude."

Krystal is a proud LGBTQ ally.

In July 2015, Krystal posed with a rainbow flag as she celebrated Pride in San Diego. “Lose the labels like gay, straight, bi, trans, ugly, fat, etc.. and let's just focus on being humans. Humans that NEED love and thrive with support,” she wrote. “Lend a hand. Offer a genuine compliment. Or simply don't judge. Words are hurtful. So live with a happy, open heart, and be the amazingly, incredible person that your dog thinks you are!!! Happy Pride 2015!!!!”

Krystal falls hard for Arie.

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

In a trailer for Season 22 of The Bachelor, Krystal admits that she is completely infatuated with Arie. “I mean, last night the feelings were there, where we really just melted into one another,” she says. “And I’m falling in love with Arie.”

Krystal apparently had a really hot boyfriend before trying to date Arie.

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

In August 2014, Krystal attended a friend’s wedding with a very sexy plus-one. One of her followers even left a comment, calling the duo the “hottest couple.” The dude in the pic isn’t tagged…which is a real bummer for all of us closeted social media stalkers.

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