Here’s a tip for any brand looking to advertise in next year’s Super Bowl — skip the traditional commercial deal and head straight to Kris Jenner! Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you likely know by now that Kylie Jenner revealed that she gave birth to a baby girl on Feb. 1, and made an announcement yesterday afternoon — just hours before the Super Bowl, which routinely brings in the highest TV ratings every year.

And — even more impressive than her, you know, successfully hiding for nine months straight or even giving birth — we are incredibly impressed that Ky had more people talking about her baby than any of the commercials! According to social media analytics site TalkWalker, Kylie and her as-of-now-unnamed baby nabbed 792,500 online mentions — meaning she beat out every single commercial when it comes to social conversation.

The most discussed Super Bowl commercial came from Tide, who — thanks in part to a cameo from Stranger Things’s David Harbour — managed to score 163,800 social mentions during the Big Game. The next closest was Mountain Dew and Doritos, whose joint ad had 115,100 people talking — even though neither one holds a candle to Kylie’s impressive numbers.

In fact, conversation around Kylie and her newborn were more comparable to that of the actual major players. There was an estimated 1.4 million mentions of the champs, the Philadelphia Eagles and another 804,700 around the New England Patriots. Half-time performer Justin Timberlake brought in an estimated 1 million mentions as well.

It goes without saying that these ads cost companies a lot! According to one report by Sports Illustrated, a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl costs each company an estimated $5 million! And they still couldn’t generate as much buzz as Kylie Jenner’s big baby reveal…

Maybe next year these companies will create more compelling content by working with the infamous momager. Hey, if you guys get to work in the next few months, we suspect you can time another Kylie pregnancy!