She’s getting her body back! Kylie Jenner was the queen of naked selfies before she became a mom to nearly one-month-old Stormi Webster. But now that she had her baby — and she made her return to the spotlight — she’s getting ready to get her body back in a way that only a Kardashian mom could!

At the peak of her pregnancy, the 20-year-old new mama weighed in at 180 pounds — and seemed to enjoy every second of “eating for two” while it lasted, but now she’s back on her grind, and has already lost an impressive 35 pounds, insiders exclusively revealed to Life & Style. According to one insider, Kylie is feeling pressure to get her body back because she felt “unattractive and fat” during her pregnancy, prompting her to go into hiding while she was with child.

“She called herself ‘fat,’ ‘gross,’ and ‘disgusting’ all the time,” the insider told Life & Style exclusively. “There was no way Kylie wanted to be seen in public. Now she feels like she’s got a lot to prove.”

On Instagram, Ky offered a more positive spin on her reclusive lifestyle — she claimed that she handled her pregnancy privately because she needed “to prepare for this role of a lifetime in the most positive, stress-free, and healthy way [she] knew how.” However, those closest to her say it’s because of her obsession with her image — and now that Stormy is here, her friends and family are fearing the worst for her mental and physical health.

Another source explained, “Despite losing such a huge amount of weight in such a short period of time, Kylie still complains to friends that she’s ‘fat’ as she squeezes the skin on her stomach and thighs. Even Kris has shown concern about her daughter’s new obsession.” Hopefully, Kylie knows she looks great — and will be able to set a healthy example for her daughter!

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